Why diets don't work

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Food And The Body

Mr. Conventional wisdom, you are incredibly misleading

         As crazy as this may sound, food is the fuel to the body. Okay, that’s pretty obvious, but what is crazy is that not all food is created equal, and the body knows it. Traditional nutrition tells us that food is characterized by its caloric content, and the number of carbohydrate, fat, and sugar grams, but that is too ludicrous and illogical to comprehend. For too many years now, we have been comparing the body to an ATM machine.

This meal is 500 calories; therefore I have 1,500 left in my daily balance!

I am sorry to tell you, but this is deeply flawed…

As J.J. Virgin puts it, author of The Virgin Diet, “Your body is not a savings bank or a calorimeter. It’s a chemistry lab.” Different foods, whether a 100-calorie apple or a 800-calorie double fudge Sunday, are digested differently in the body. That means that an avocado may have 3grams of fat, 22grams of protein and 240 calories, but it will be digested differently then a fake, fried, greasy French fry, even if that fry has the same nutritional properties as the avocado. The vitamins and minerals in the avocado are information for the body that will help strengthen your hair, clear your skin, help build protein in the body and be digested more efficiently by your digestive system.

Now this does not mean that you can gorge on all healthy food (too much of anything can be bad), but it does mean that when you eat the right foods for your body, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COUNT CALORIES or even worry about moderation! All you have to focus on is eating the right foods! 

Why diets don’t work

         When you embark on a diet, whether Dukan, Atkins, Special K etc., you are always going to be restricting yourself of various foods. Typically, it’s the foods you truly love. Simply put, this restriction leads to desperation, and all of a sudden all you can think about is that warm chocolate brownie, or hummingbird’s cupcake. It calls to you with the promise of true happiness:

“Hey sexy girl, one bite wont hurt. You know this is what you truly want... YOLO.”

But you, the cupcake and I both know that it won’t be just be one bite…

“This is the LAST time I will eat all this junk food, tomorrow I will start over. But since this is the LAST time, I will just eat everything else I have been depriving myself.”

Not only are us dieters stuck on this horrific cycle, so called “diet foods” don’t help to keep us motivated. They are bland, gross, and full of unknown chemicals. They even make us even hungrier! Crazy right? Trying to lose weight yet all we want is to keep on eating.

Our perfect, healthy body that is supposed to promise happiness just brings misery and a deprivation from the right nutrients. All in all, we are poisoning ourselves.

So what do we do? First we stop. Yes, put down that triple-chocolate-caramel-cupcake! Put down that low fat- zero calorie-zero carbohydrate-and loaded with gibber jabber diet bar, because its time to make a switch. Its time to switch from processed to wholesome, good food.

Good Food vs. Bad Food: The ultimate show down

Good food will:
·       Digest easily in the body
·       Help nourish all body parts to make us glow
·       Boost mood
·       Fight diseases like cancer, heart disease
·       Give us energy
·       Make us smarter
·       Make us lean, toned and sexy
·       Help us to live longer!

Bad food will:
·       Cause weight gain
 ·       Make us age faster
·       Cause massive, embarrassing, uncomfortable digestive problems
·       Cause mood swings
·       Intoxicate the body
·       Make us feel lethargic, with a case of fogy brain
·       Give us dull skin, hair, nails and cavity infested teeth
·       Promote the growth of deadly diseases

Good Food is:
·       Living food/ raw food- food that is in its most natural form. Nothing has been done to alter its composition. All the enzymes, minerals, vitamins are intact.
o   Example: fruits, vegetables, nuts
·       Good carbs- carbs are essential. But you have to eat the right kinds. Carbohydrates are natural sugars converted to energy by our body.
o   Example: fruits, vegetables, whole grains,
·       Good proteins- good clean proteins to help build muscle, grow cells, lose weight, and keep us fuller longer.
o   Examples: Clean animal proteins, plant proteins (basically all plants contain protein), quinoa, protein powder, nuts, beans, fish, eggs  
·       Good fats- oil rich foods that help to lower cholesterol, loss weight, and nourish the different bodily organs. Fat is also energy, and just because it is a fat does not mean it will make you fat since it is the good kinds of fats that you will be eating.
o   Examples: avocados, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, nuts, seeds, olive oil

Bad food is:
·       Overcooked food- all the nutrients have been depleted
o   Examples: Over cooked vegetables
·       Bad carbs- these are refined. The refinement process strips them of their vitamins and minerals. Refined foods cause a spike in your blood sugar leading to health problems and weight gain.
o   Examples: white chocolate, white bread, white rice, white flour, candies, cookies
·       Bad protein- red meats, and fatty proteins, soy and also dairy. These are all very difficult for the body to digest and can lead to many health problems like arthritis, heart disease, kidney stones. 
·       Processed and refined foods- these are what I call “fake foods.” They have been through factories that inject them with chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and industrial oils.
o   Examples: anything packaged

So from now on, lets CHOOSE to eat more of the "good foods", and less of the "bad foods." I put these in quotation marks, because I do not want you to solely focus on what category the food is under. Trust me, it doesn't help, because then you just want more of what you can't have. Instead, try to focus on how the food makes you feel. It may seem a little daunting at first, but overtime it gets easier. 

Honestly, I was the biggest sweet addict. I would binge on all foods processed, and chemically intoxicated. But slowly, I began to ditch those foods that did not make me feel well. It truly transforms your eating habits once you begin to ask yourself, "how will this food make me feel?" before you decide to indulge! Think about the AFTER feelings. It makes the transition a whole lot easier. 

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