The Six Best "Fitstagrams"

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Instagram is undeniably one of my favorite apps on my mobile phone. It is full of interesting people gathered in one community sharing their lives. And honestly, who doesn't love a sneak peak into someone else's personal life? 
The main purpose I get on though, is for the fitness instagrams, or "Fitstagrams"? Whats better then a sneak peak into someone's life? A sneak peak into their nutrition and fitness lives! 
Training videos, ebooks, food porn, I have narrowed my list of 430 accounts I'm following to six of THE BEST fitness instagrams! 

(no particular order, all pictures are from instagram)

1. kayla_itsines
 Gorgeous, fit and incredibly inspiring, Kayla's instagram account if by far the best there is. Not only does she post daily, she post all sorts of intriguing content for us fitness enthusiast. She has intense fitness video snippets that make you want to get fit, just so you can be that badass. Additionally, she has one of the most sought after training and nutrition ebooks, available world wide. Most importantly though, she is incredibly motivating and has genuine desire to help others get fit and be healthy . 

2. lonijane

Loni jane poped up everywhere after people went crazy that she was eating 10 bananas a day while pregnant. People called this "unhealthy." Seriously? How can a banana be unhealthy? Regardless, Loni is the epitome of healthy. A raw vegan, her dishes will make your mouth water and want to turn vegan. Her journey to finding ultimate health is inspiring, and proof that we are what we eat. Make sure to also check out her site and ask her questions, she answers people! I think thats pretty awesome. She also has an ebook coming soon!

3. wayofgray
This girl kicks my butt at least twice a week. But even though I'm dying by the second tabata, I feel powerful, strong and fit every time I do one of her workouts from her awesome ebook (only $10!). Sophie is awesome. She cares, and she's always there to help you. She's candid, and a strong believer of accepting oneself. I am so glad I found her account because it keeps me motivated and excited to get healthy and fit. 

4. censkii
I follow this girl for her fashion, food pictures, and her workout videos. They are so innovative yet challenging. Its the full package in this account because you learn how to eat well, train mean and dress fashionably! 

5. doviesworkout
Hard core. Literally. This guy proves that you do not need a gym to get muscular. The exercises he does using a limited space are incredibly. Its purely strength, and is pure motivation. Although most of us girls do not want to get bulky, I think trying some of his exercises wont hurt. Okay maybe you may feel some pain, but hey, pain is temporary, results are lasting. 

6. lyzabethlopez

Creator of the hourglass workout, and an all around rockstar. Daily postings, this is an account full of fun exercises and holistic advice. You want an hourglass fit body? Follow her! Her client transformations are incredibly motivating and her jump rope skills are incredible! More than 63 jump rope doubles in a row? Amazing! 

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