Day 3: Diary of a sweet-less Latina.

By 3:52 PM

Day 3:

It felt weird to have tea without a cookie. Normally, like clockwork, 3:00 p.m. is cookie + coffee time. Not only can I not have coffee, I can't have cookie. Plus, I think my avocado was rotten because my stomach starting hurting. 

But, I mustn't complain... today was yummy as expected. Plus, for dessert, I had decadent hot chocolate and it was NOT CHEATING! 

Any plan that is topped off with chocolate is one worth trying. 

I must also mention that it snowed today, and while I was walking to class (&trying not to slide into a slippery death)it felt like I was walking on powdered sugar and it was beautiful, as well as oddly therapeutic. 

Classes were canceled (to what I and many others consider) a little too late, but at least I wasn't cold because the constant heart races, for almost slipping, kept me warm as I sweated with fear. 

Anyways... to the menu! 

Breakfast: The day began with a yogurt parfait. It was really good. I have to admit, I was craving eggs, but I soon forgot about the eggs cause I was loving my parfait! I used coconut yogurt instead of greek yogurt because I am allergic to cow products. Mooooo! I also added some honey cause I like sweet. 

Lunch: So I was sitting in class munching on my salad and then the room got quiet, and I swear everyone could here me munch like a horse! At least I was enjoying my salad though! Who knew shaved carrots could be so good on a salad? Plus, the lime vinaigrette is a refreshing dressing to my regular balsamic and olive oil. 

Snack: I had two snacks today because lunch was not enough. I didn't add enough protein (only a teaspoon of hummus) so I got hungry early. To compensate I had two cups of green tea (sans the cookie...), a pear and the spoiled avocado. Then I spent the remainder of my afternoon trying not to think about food or dinner, and ignoring the growling tempest within my stomach. 

Dinner: Guess what? I had steak! Cauliflower steak! There is one important thing you should know about me, which I know I inherited from my mother, I like burnt food. Give me the burnt french fry because I love the crunch! I especially like burnt vegetables. I hate having nutrients in my veggies, so I prefer to kill them with flames. I'm only kidding! But these steaks were honestly cooked to burnt perfection. I laid them down on some lentils as the recipe called and watched TV. It was bliss.

Snack: Tonight was hot chocolate. Went very well with the snowy weather. 

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