The Clean Eating Challenge: Day 1

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Okay I cheated. But in my defense it was a responsible cheat. I opted for a different two cookies. Shhh.

So I know it has been a LOOONG time since I last wrote. Much has changed. I am a very busy junior this semester. I work, work, work and then I Netflix. 

But as a reinstatement, and sort of like a 14-day blog challenge, I will be documenting my journey through Buzzfeed's Clean Eating Challenge

Lets get something straight, I am no good at following plans. I get bored easy, frustrated and lazy. But there was something about this challenge that intrigued me. 

First, it's incredibly organized. The weekly shopping list, menu and recipes are neatly laid out for 14 incredible days of clean eating. 

Second, take a look at the recipes. They are incredibly delicious and so easy. Plus you get three meals and two snacks EVERYDAY. 

There are some downsides though. 

It is not vegetarian friendly. There is some chicken and some fish. As a vegetarian, I did not buy the chicken and instead I will supplement with more eggs or beans, quinoa etc. So that's a manageable obstacle. 

Also, it is kinda expensive. I didn't even buy all the first-week ingredients and I spent $81! For one week, one person. Talk about motivation to keep doing the challenge. Was that intentional Buzzfeed?

Anyways, I highly recommend you try it out, or even get inspiration for some healthy options to add to your daily meals. 

Now for how day one went.

Breakfast: a delicious green smoothie. The recipe called for kale, I chose spinach. Nothing personal to kale its just I really like spinach (this is Spinach Strength after all).  Honestly though, I'm scared of a kale smoothie. I made one a long time ago and it was yuck. I pretended to drink it cause I felt bad for wasting food, but then I couldn't handle it anymore and I fed it to the plants (plant cannibalism?). 

Lunch: This is were I deviated and had a goat cheese, roasted red pepper salad with falafel and pita slices from Hummus Cafe.It was delicious. No ragrets. 

Snack 1: I deviated again (isn't the first day supposed to be the strongest?). I had two cookie butter cookies. Yummy.

Dinner: I made the lunch salad for dinner,the asparagus salad. WOW. It was really really good. I added some balsamic to the dressing (it was just lemon), and fried mah egg. I love asparagus and this was great.

Snack 2: My last deviation from the plan, I promise, but I was craving all day my tortilla with peanut butter, honey and granola. Currently, more addicted to peanut butter than ever before so it was a sanity treat. 

Overall this clean eating thing is not so bad. For once my tummy does not feel bloated and I am not tired. Right on. I am actually so excited for the coming days. 

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