How to have flawless hair after a sweaty workout session.

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So you've washed your hair in the morning and it looks great, smells nice. But now you have to go to the gym, and you begin to wonder whether it's worth sacrificing your fabulous do, for sweat. 

Ill be the first to admit, this was always my excuse for not exercising. But now, I have become a sort of expert on how to keep my hair looking fab, and still sweat. 

(Sometimes, I even prefer my post workout hair!)

There are two techniques I use, each interchangeably depending on time and how I am feeling. Now just keep in mind that these are techniques for your hair, and just because your hair looks great and doesn't smell so bad, it does not mean the rest of you does too. In other words, this is not an excuse for not showering!

1. The High Bun 

This is my no. 1 secret for keeping the sweat away, and all it requires is a hair tie (you can also wear a headband, but it is optional!). The rule of thumb here is, the higher the bun, the easier it is to keep the sweat away and maintain your do. Also, to prevent hairband marks on your hair, use a scrunchy. I know, old school, but everything old recycles itself, so pull out your 90s hair accessories because those scrunchies are your hairdo superheroes! 

Step 1: Tie your hair into a high and tight ponytail. 

Step 2: With another hair tie, twist the hair around into a bun and secure with the elastic!

Optional step: Add a headband to keep bangs and loose hairs out of the way! 

TA DAAA! A super easy, cute, and sweat free hairstyle!

2. The Dry Shampoo

If you have not discovered dry shampoo, its time to take a trip to the nearest drug store ASAP! This is a must have in your gym bag. Dry shampoo saves you from oily hair on rushed or even lazy mornings. This is the ultimate secret weapon for us girls. 
Now theres one important rule of thumb here. Not all dry shampoos were created equal, so you must choose wisely young grasshopper. Lucky for you, I have found the most amazing product. Furthermore, it used to be only available in the UK, but now its being imported here! 
Readers, meet Batiste Dry Shampoo! They come in all different flavors and it is amazing, smells fantastic, and quite honestly, I feel it leaves my hair looking better! All you have to do is shake (&dance will your at it) and spray. I leave it on for a couple of minutes and massage it into my hair. Then I use a towel to wipe it, and finally brush it. 
Warning: Make sure to get all the white out of your hair so that you are not walking around with white powder and getting weird looks! 
My only suggestion for dry shampoo, is to not use it too often. It is not as effective as washing your hair, so I opt to use it every other day, twice a week. 
You can find Batiste online, at urban outfitters, and I have even seen it at TJ Maxx! It can be pricey, but it is worth it. Beauty cost bucks honey. 

3. The blow dry

While I have only tried this once, I have a friend who swears by this technique. Judging from her post workout hair, it works! All you need it a blowdryer and a towel!

1. Pat your hair with a dry towel to dry the sweat. (sorry it sounds gross but I had no other way of phrasing that!)
2. Take a blowdryer, and on medium to low speed and heat, begin to dry your hair. You can even try it with cold air which will do less damage! 

And thats it! 
Make sure your hair isn't too wet when you dry it, so that it doesn't smell like sweat! The contrast of sweaty hair with heat, does something funky to the smell of your hair! 

Well friends, I hope these suggestions were helpful. Now, like me, you no longer have the excuse of not going to the gym because you washed your hair. Power through them burpees fearlessly and worry free! 

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