In the pursuit for simplification, complication has prevailed

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Why has it become so complicated for a regular human-being to be healthy, without the need of professional help? 

Our ancestors did it. They had no clue about nutrients or calories, they just ate. 

But as the years progressed, the simplicity of eating real, whole foods from nature disappeared. 

Our choices of what to eat multiplied, as processed and packaged foods began to turn up on super market aisles. Our waistlines simultaneously doubled, as society began to consume these new foods filled with promises of nutritional fulfillment. 

But how is a Twinkie considered real food when it is created in a laboratory where experts slave away to create the perfect concoction of artificial chemicals and substances to deem that Twinkie as real food? 

It is all a business. I swear. Profit is in the mindset of all major food producers. We know this. 

What chemicals we are exposed to, what frakenfood we are consuming, corporations, and even the government does not care. 

 Through deceptive advertising, they can turn a sugar filled, chemically charged yogurt into the essential staple for your everyday diet with claims like "low fat" or "natural." Add a picture of a glowing cow in an open field, and oh how we are fooled. 

Then we sit and wonder why we are so fat. And the truth is, our bodies are polluted with chemicals and toxins that weigh us down. 

I know I may sound cynical right now, but I assure you I am not. I am more frustrated at how society does not learn that a "quick, fast" solution is not possible. 

Its heartbreaking to see millions of people everyday being fooled by the food industry into thinking certain foods are healthy. 

As Micheal Pollan puts it, in his book In Defense of Food "Eat food. No too much. Mostly plants."

Thats it. Thats the magic cure to ultimate health. Eating food from earth and avoiding everything else. We need to be smarter as a society. Take a stand for what goes into our mouths and the mouths of those around us. 

Food is everything. It is the fuel. Its crucial for our survival. So we need to eat the best kinds to function at our best. 

Processed, packaged food is fake....You are what you eat. 

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