Let's do something productive in the a.m.

By 7:13 PM

I have to be honest, my sleep patterns have drastically evolved these past few weeks. I used to be a morning person, but now I am more of a zombie. I do not sleep. So while I continue to awaken at 7:30 a.m., I also go to be at 2 a.m. This is incredibly unhealthy I realize that, but I am working on it. 

Believe me the headaches and developing coffee addiction is not worth it. 

Either way, I speak to all you sleep-sane individuals who happen to also be morning people. (P.S. my definition of a morning person is someone who wakes up early regardless of whether they are chirpy or grouchy). If you are waking up early either by choice or not and find yourself wasting away the hours, listen up: 


Yes, lets mix some heart pumping cardio into the morning grudge. Trust me exercise will instantaneously make you feel alive and full of energy. 

Speaking from personal experience, I have listed below some of the benefits I have found to working out in the morning. 

Numero one: get up, work out, be done. One of the greatest benefits to working out in the morning is that you are done with it early and can continue your day without that burden and constant battle of whether to workout or not. We have all been there, your gym shoes, gym clothes and clock are staring at you. They whisper for you to go and workout, yet your body is telling you "no." It's kinda like the usually a procrastinators' secret to not procrastinating working out.

Numero twoapparently you burn more calories. If you workout first thing in the morning before breakfast, your body uses its stored fat as energy. So you are burning dem jiggles away. 

Numero three: it literally wakes you up. Yes it takes a tad bit more will power to get up, but afterwards you will feel amazing. Incredibly energized and ready to tackle the day. So instead of using a bucket of cold water to wake up just exercise. Simple. 

Numero four: you'll be a loner. Being a loner, in my opinion, is only great if its at the gym. When there are crowds of people it is uncomfortable AND there is probably someone already on your machine. Annoying I used to know, I do not anymore because I workout in the morning. 

So get out of bed sexy loser, and go workout! 

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