Day 2- Clean Eating Challenge

By 7:59 PM

The day began with some overnight oats

Magical is the only word I can think of to accurately describe these oats. Magical because they have both the power of being delicious, healthy and incredibly filling. 

I think it is safe to say today was my favorite day in this challenge. Yes, it is only day dos, but my gosh was the food so good and soo filling. 

Breakfast: As stated, I began with the magical oats. Yummy yummy in my tummy. I dived into these oats so quickly I forgot to take a picture. So just for the sake of good reporting, I took the aftermath picture. -->

Lunch: Salad, but not just any salad. Good salad. I didn't have chickpeas though, so I improvised with sunflower seeds. I also didn't use kale, instead I had romaine lettuce cause I love its light, watery texture. 

Snack: I had the midnight snack instead, so two clementines as my valentines. <3

Dinner: I finished the nights with mango, avocado tacos. I added some hummus for extra protein cause I aint about that chicken. I also had my tortilla with peanut butter and honey wrap. Yes I deviated again, but come on, I couldn't starve!  
Anyways, I have to tell you something about the mango because cutting mango is difficult and I was an idiot. So please, learn from my mistake.

There's a funky way to cut a mango into cubes. You can read more about it here. I did it that way, and it was difficult getting the mango out! I think it was only intended if you are planning on snacking on the mango, not making a meal out of it. So don't do it that way. Peel the mango and then cut. Otherwise your are stuck struggling like I did. You have to admit, it makes for a pretty picture though :P. 

Oh crap, I had two slices of 70% dark chocolate. Still healthy and totally within the confinements of the plan though! I suck as a test dummy. But I am trying to do better I promise!

Till tomorrow, I am so excited :D

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