Hide yo bananas!

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For all you banana lovers out there, I too am in mourning. Bananas are a staple in my diet, and the banana industry is in moral decline.

I think it is important we all watch this video and lament on the history of the banana because it highlights an all too occurring theme in our history: Monochrome everything. Basically, when people get obsessed with something, they take it to extremes and create massive industries that end up doing more harm than good.

Yet, I do not agree GMO's are the answer, which was interesting that it was mentioned since Chipotle just announced it was going to stop selling GMO food. (Was this a sponsored video?)

What is GMO? It stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It's food that has been genetically altered through engineering techniques. GMO's have already taken over our grocery stores.

GMO's are becoming increasingly popular around the world, as well as increasingly controversial. Since they are quite new, research on their effects to humans (aka us) is not very substantial, yet many scientist, politicians and the like claim they are not harmful and we shouldn't worry.

But it's not natural.

And while they do provide crops that are resistance to pest, abundance of foods and, as in the case of bananas, a solution to plant extinction, I don't think we should be so readily trusting of GMO foods, nor do I think it is the solution.

If bananas are to go extinct, then I think I can learn to live without them. I will have banana withdrawal for weeks, maybe even centuries, but their extinction is a consequence of the over consumption and lack of breed diversity from our society, and it does not call for the acceptance of test tube food.

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