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It's another rainy, dark and gloomy day in North Carolina. Today the sky continuously pours down its tears, sabotaging my plans for today. Regardless, I am bursting with energy. Perhaps it was my workout, or the electro water, or maybe the insanely nutritious lunch I had today. Or perhaps my energy is a product of that delicious square of chocolate I had! 

Today I wanted to focus on a food very dear to my heart. Chocolate. This post is for all you chocolate fanatics. I have really great news for you all, chocolate is actually healthy! 

Sofia say what?!

Yes, chocolate is a superfood! But there is a clear distinction between different types of chocolate. Unfortunately, the famous Snickers, Hershey's and M&M chocolates are not going to give you optimal nutrition. They are filled with tons of milk and sugar. Surprisingly, white chocolate doesn't even contain cacao! Yes my white chocolate lovers, white chocolate is a fake, that shouldn't even be called chocolate! FINED.  

For the ancient aztecs, chocolate was their currency, offering, and they even used it as medicine! Today, chocolate can be your medicine too! Chocolate is high in fiber. Fiber is great for healthy stools, digestion, lowering cholesterol and keeping you fuller for longer! Chocolate also contain tryptophane which helps boost your mood. No wonder chocolate makes us so happy! 

But in the health world, I think chocolate is most famously known for its high antioxidant content. Consume some chocolate when you have a cold to help fight those nasty bugs!

A study by Science Daily claims dark chocolate can improve memory. This is connected to chocolates blood circulation boosting powers. 

The Journal of Nutrition found that chocolates flavanols can improve skin by "increasing hydration, decreasing skin roughness and scaling, and helping to support the skin's defense against UV damage" ( Consumption Of High-flavanol Cocoa Improves Skin Structure And Function)

Warning though, chocolate should be consumed in moderation. It has a high caloric content! Furthermore, as mentioned, not all chocolate is healthy! For optimal nutritional benefits, us milk chocolate lovers have to cross over to the dark side. 

When buying chocolate, keep this rule in mind, the darker you go, the better. You want a dark chocolate that is at least 65% cacao or more. Make sure to read the labels. 

My favorite? 90% Cacao by Lindt. Its bitter, but in the most delicious way. When I was younger and nutritiously naive, I would have never consumed dark chocolate, especially 90%! Even my own mum thinks I am crazy for loving such bitter chocolate. But it grows on you. It really does. 

Satisfying Fondue:

This deliciously clean, quick and easy dessert/treat will leave you chocolately satisfied.

  • One square of 90% cacao ( I recommend Lindt) 
  • Fruit of your choice (I love bananas and pineapple)

-Take one square of 90% cacao chocolate and place in a small microwavable bowl.
-Microwave the chocolate for 20 seconds, until it has melted beautifully. 
-Cut up your choice of fruits and dip into the melted chocolate :) 

So don't be shy, go on and try some deliciously nutritious dark chocolate to boost your immune system, mood, energy, and digestion.

I found this cool fact sheet on instagram! Now we wont be fooled because of the name!

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