My Inspiration

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Often I find my inspiration is lacking. Discouragement  gets the better of me and I cannot find the energy or motivation to keep fighting for my goals, whatever they may be. 

I've found that what begins to inspire me again is visualization. Think about it, most likely our goals are formulated from an idea we have created from an experience. For example, I did not get the idea of becoming healthy from myself. I learned about being healthy from the world outside me. Seeing what a healthy lifestyle looked like, motivated me to pursue one. 

Whenever I see a delicious healthy meal, or a picture of someone with great abs, I get really motivated and I can envision myself wanting that. 

This is why I have created a visualization board, and I encourage you all to try making one as well. 

It is really easy and a fun project to keep you busy, motivated, and help your creative juices flowing. 

In order to keep that rush of motivation that one may feel from seeing a picture, or a word, we must keep that trigger of motivation around us. An inspiration board will help you to visualize and stay focused. You can create several visualization boards to post around your house. They can be big, or small, a simple quote or a picture on your desktop. 

All you need is magazines, glue, and a piece of paper. 

You can also find inspiration for pinterest, instagram, blogs and your own friends. I think that in order to stay powerful, motivated and successful, we need to continuously search for that inspiration. 

Another great idea is just to create a calendar and cross off the days that you do great. I don't know about you, but I love to check things off. It makes me feel accomplished! 

Inspiration guarantees success! Here is my inspiration board! 

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