Gone for the holidays...

By 6:28 PM

Well hello dear reader, guess what?

I am away on my own for the first time. Living in my own four walled niche, and setting my own agenda.

I am officially a working girl, managing expenses and buying the groceries.

But dear reader, don't fear. Even though I may be scrubbing my own bathtub for a change, that does not mean I have become a diva, too good to blog my wisdom. I am the opposite of that. Now that I will have my own trickle of experience in the real world, I feel even more equipped to blog about being healthy as a hardworking, busy yet fabulous girl.

That's right, we are fabulous.

So get ready for a month of healthy living tips AND the launch of my new blog!

Lets face it, I am more than just a healthy-living blogger. My interest expand beyond that subject, and this summer I feel I am becoming more of my own than ever before, meaning I just have to much too share.

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