The Sweetness in life: Sugar- candy, baked goods, diet foods, store bought fruit juice…

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Sugar is everywhere. Everything has sugar nowadays whether it is fructose, dextrose, maltose, lactose, stevia, high fructose corn syrup, honey, mannitol, sorbitol, brown sugar, cane sugar, or invert sugar. Sugar is a sneaky thing; our taste buds love it, but its health damaging. As Jackie Warner author of This Is Why You Are Fat puts it “ Sugar literally eats up the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. This depresses your immune system and that’s why sugar can make you sick.”
Our brain is addicted to sugar. Sugar brings that momentary high and sudden drop in blood sugar that leaves us lethargic and moody. Furthermore that blood sugar rise leads to fat formation. And if that’s not scaring you, Jackie says, “Cancer cells love sugar. Sugar makes tumors grow,” and the high rise in insulin “stimulates cell growth.” Sugar also causes wrinkles, cravings, mental confusion, sickness, and memory impairment.
But hold on a second before you grab that sugar free candy bar. Most sugar free foods, or diet foods are infested with artificial sugars like splenda. Zero calorie miracle sugars that are also cancer forming. Oh and also that so called healthy agave nectar! AVOID it please. Agave is just another highly processed form of sugar that will reck havoc on your health. (check out this great article for more on agave)
If you most have sugar, stick to 5grams or less. Of course,with sugar its best to avoid it, and stick to the most natural forms like:

·      Fruits, Truvia, Stevia, Honey, Maple syrup

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