Cinco days gone by

By 3:36 PM


It is day 5 of Buzzfeed's Clean Eating Challenge. Two more day, and I've made it a week. Wow. In terms of any challenge I have ever done before, this is a milestone. 

So yesterday I wanted a cookie really really bad. I am a cookie monster, especially for peanut butter cookies. 

All day I could taste that warm, melted peanut butter. 

At 12:00 a.m., I found myself at Insomnia Cookies. But guess what? I didn't buy a cookie! Granted, by that point in the day I was craving sweet potato fries. I was trying to stay somewhat healthy. Thankfully (at that moment I was far from thankful though), the restaurant with the best sweet potato fries ever was closed, and I went home and ate a tangerine. 

So I am proud. I woke up this morning feeling really great, and I know if I had indulged in sweets or greasy food I would have woken up feeling sick. So I am really proud.

Breakfast: I had cauliflower omelette. I LOVE cauliflower. But since last semester, I wasn't really allowed to eat it. For some reason last time I made it, the apartment STANK. For days. All because of the cauliflower. This time it didn't and the omelette was delicious. Additionally, I had a pear and a tangerine. 

Lunch: I didn't have the lunch the plan called for because I woke up late and breakfast became brunch. So instead I had the hummus with carrot and some cucumber, which was supposed to be today's snack. I also had two pieces of dark chocolate. If its not peanut butter, its chocolate. agh my life and food addictions. 

Dinner: Dinner was incredible. I never realized how much I like salmon until now. It is easy and quick to cook. Kudos Mr. Salmon. I added Magic! spice to it. I love Magic! it takes food to a whole new level.The salmon laid on a bed on leftover lentils and green beans. Really satisfying, even though I made have had some of granola and honey after. I just wanted something sweet.. I gotta get over this habit. 

I finished the night off with a cup of tea. Day five complete, here comes day six! 

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